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[0:46] <Gary13579> ... lol
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[9:20] <tommd> why does the "ar" utility not understand "-u" (for update). Its even listed under --help
[9:21] <gregoiregentil> I don't know. Just had been a pain for OpenOffice compilation
[9:24] <Corsac> tommd: ar manpage says u is only supported for an 'r' (replace) operation
[9:24] <Corsac> tommd: are you sure you don't confuse with tar?
[9:25] <tommd> Corsac: I'm sure, and it is used with "r"
[9:25] <_koen_> you probably have busybox ar
[9:25] <_koen_> opkg install task-proper-tools to get the, well, proper tools
[9:25] <tommd> The problem appears frequently when trying to build programs on the TB (not cross compiling). Many make files use -ru
[9:26] <tommd> lol, "binutils" vs "task-proper-tools" couldn't they name it something closer, like "binutils-full"
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[9:32] <tommd> yay, that works. Thanks
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[10:39] <tommd> I'm looking at getting a Kroo sleeve. Does anyone have a sleeve recommendation for me to consider? Bonus points if you've tried it with a TB that has the stabilizing legs glued on.
[10:43] <Corsac> ha!
[10:43] <Corsac> tommd: sorry, no, but you remind me that I wanted to tell it to alextisserant
[10:44] <Corsac> alextisserant: http://www.sfbags.com/ is what I talked about the other time
[10:44] <alextisserant> great, thanks
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[12:20] <gregoiregentil> Has anyone make work GPS dongle with 2010-01.a? I would like to get some feed-back
[12:22] <Corsac> don't have that :/
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[12:36] <tommd> gregoiregentil: I'll try again tonight. The main issue is cloud cover + tree cover + roof making me not receive any signal. I did have it working well on 12.a so am sure I can get it operational on 01.a if I sit near the window again.
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[12:53] <tommd> NPX: Did you get the new OS installed?
[12:53] <tommd> As I said earlier, I'd advise against the installer and just do the one-line shell command using 'gunzip' and 'dd'
[12:54] <npx> tommd im actually trying that way
[12:54] <npx> its still running
[12:54] <npx> for the second time now cause it gave me:
[12:54] <npx> --
[12:54] <npx> root@g0x21k:~/TB# gunzip -cd sd-card.gz | dd of="/dev/mmcblk0"
[12:54] <npx> Message from syslogd@g0x21k at Jan 13 21:36:58 ...
[12:54] <npx> kernel:Disabling IRQ #17
[12:54] <npx> dd: Schreiben in ?/dev/mmcblk0?: Eingabe-/Ausgabefehler
[12:54] <npx> 2733809+0 Datens?tze ein
[12:54] <npx> 2733808+0 Datens?tze aus
[12:54] <npx> 1399709696 Bytes (1,4 GB) kopiert, 522,609 s, 2,7 MB/s
[12:54] <npx> --
[12:54] <npx> it says I/O Error
[12:56] <npx> but thanks for the hint anyways .. ive absolutely forgotten that possibility :D
[12:57] <tommd> I don't know German. I recall once getting an IO error at the end and having the sd card still work fine. YMMV.
[12:57] <gregoiregentil> Yes, I/O Error at the very end should be fine
[12:57] <npx> oh i c
[12:58] <npx> i wait for this to finish up and try using my touchbook with the sd
[12:58] <tommd> Not sure the reason for that, but a hint might be buried in the dd or gunzip man page... not sure which process prints that in the first place, but some redirecting would sort that out.
[12:58] <tommd> Cool
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[13:18] <npx> feels like its taking longer this time
[13:22] <npx> --
[13:22] <npx> 8869065+0 Datens?tze ein
[13:22] <npx> 8869065+0 Datens?tze aus
[13:22] <npx> 4540961280 Bytes (4,5 GB) kopiert, 1936,77 s, 2,3 MB/s
[13:22] <npx> --
[13:22] <npx> yep it's running further than the last time :)
[13:22] <gregoiregentil> it should write the whole 8GB
[13:22] <npx> yes thats why i was wondering why an I/O error at 1.3 gig should work fine Oo
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[13:46] <npx> - Done -
[13:52] <npx> it does work but my touchbook somehow doesnt manage to connect to a WEP WLAN
[13:53] <npx> brb
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[14:03] <npx> okay thanks for your help :)
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[14:56] <martinh> npx: it should connect to wep. you need the hex key.
[15:06] <tommd> mmmmm, hex.
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[15:30] <Corsac> gregoiregentil: you might be interested by following posts from planet debian
[15:30] <Corsac> lenovo-u1-hybrid-proprietary-os-suck
[15:31] * richardrebel (n=richardr@static-64-115-193-170.isp.broadviewnet.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:31] <Corsac> http://etbe.coker.com.au/2010/01/10/lenovo-u1-hybrid-proprietary-os-suck/
[15:31] <Corsac> http://etbe.coker.com.au/2010/01/11/always-innovating/
[15:31] <Corsac> http://etbe.coker.com.au/2010/01/13/my-ideal-netbook/
[15:31] <gregoiregentil> OK!!! No need to sasy it so loud - Asshole Macer is not there... lol
[15:34] <Corsac> I'm ignoring him anyway
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[16:01] <edgar> Why is the Ralink driver module such a huge memory beast ? Debug build ?
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[16:58] <gregoiregentil> edgar: How do you see that the Ralink driver is a memory beast?
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[18:07] <xkucf03> hi
[18:09] <xkucf03> does automatic updates work?
[18:09] <xkucf03> There should be 2010-01.a, but when I run update script, it downloads only this:
[18:09] <xkucf03> #!/bin/sh echo "Nothing for the moment"
[18:10] <xkucf03> but the update checker (from menu) tells me that update is available and will be downloaded
[18:12] <xkucf03> if anybody knows, please tell me,
[18:12] <xkucf03> bye, I'll read the log
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[18:28] <tommd> xkucf03: No automatic updates don't work yet.
[18:28] <tommd> xkucf03: Its currently best to download the latest sd-card.gz and flash your sd card via "gunzip -c sd-card.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0"
[18:34] <snlemons> tommd: so, is the reinstall.sh option broken, too?
[18:34] <snlemons> I couldn't ever get it to work, myself. but the wiki says it's supposed to work.
[18:34] <tommd> some people use it - I don't like long scripts that do what I can in one line.
[18:34] <tommd> Yeah, I've been told the same thing but never use it.
[18:36] <snlemons> the problem is my card reader is USB1.0 so it takes like 12 hours to finish the updates.
[18:38] <tommd> snlemons: Yeah, that is an issue. I'd skip updates and ensure there is something of value in the newest version before your proceed.
[18:39] <snlemons> yeah, but I really want this latest update. probably gonna start the update before I go to bed tonight.
[18:39] <snlemons> I just hope those lines on my screen have gone away. I had the device on for a while (like one would with an "always on" device) and the screen developed some lines. and I even had the display turned off...
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[20:10] <tommd> To anyone using GPS + TB
[20:10] <tommd> Change the damn baud rate!
[20:10] <tommd> pl2303 is _really_ CPU intensive. Setting the baud rate to something reasonable (most GPS devices come default to 4800) saves on CPU time and presumably battery.
[20:11] <tommd> It changed the download time of 31k coordinates from 12 minutes of 80% CPU to 25 seconds.
[20:12] <gregoiregentil> where is it configured?
[20:12] <gregoiregentil> I saw a command line to do this. I can add it to the script that launches gpsd
[20:13] <tommd> It won't work for all GPS devices
[20:14] <tommd> but for those that talk the skytraq protocol (it has a name, see the skytrac-datalogger site for details) you use: "skytraq-datalogger --set-baud-rate X"
[20:14] <tommd> That did it for me, though there are intermittent communication issues and I had to try that command several times due to an error saying something like "unable to connect to logger"
[20:15] <gregoiregentil> OK
[20:15] <tommd> As I understand, many of these GPS devices are buggy and cause most the intermittent behavior themselves.
[20:30] <tommd> What is the voltages of the batteries?
[20:31] <tommd> 12?
[20:31] <gregoiregentil> on the touch book?
[20:31] <gregoiregentil> not it's one-cell: 4.2V max
[20:31] <tommd> And the keyboard is the same?
[20:32] <gregoiregentil> yes
[20:32] <tommd> Is there a circuit between the power in and the main power line? Thus causing some loss?
[20:32] <tommd> I'm trying to figure out some numbers for Ash on the forms.
[20:32] <tommd> forums
[20:33] <gregoiregentil> there are a bunch of circuit and chips and there is a little bit of deperdition between the battery for instance and the TPS65950
[20:33] <gregoiregentil> but it's very difficult to calculate and it depends of multiple factors
[20:33] <tommd> Thats fine, but knowing that he could get higher yield by going directly to the internal battery lines is good to know.
[20:33] <tommd> He could use some vampire clips in a pinch.
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