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Open Hardware Always Innovating talk at the 2011 Embedded Linux Conference

This talk focused on the ability to run multiple Linux operating systems on an embedded device, all at the same time, without any performance loss. During the talk, Always Innovating live-demoed a Pandaboard running Ubuntu, ChromiumOS, and AIOS (Angstrom fork), *simultaneously* on three different screens. This talk explained the key aspects of the architecture and some open source code needed to let the various OS run properly side-by-side and interact with each other. The switching user experience was also discussed.
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The audience of this talk is software engineers. Though no deep knowledge is needed, this talk touched all the layers of the software stack of an embedded device, from the kernel to the UI.
Having a good understanding how Linux operating systems work, including the kernel, is required. Basic knowledge around x-server is also needed.

Talk slides
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