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open hardware
Open HardwareDesign license for top-tier players

With our incredible cutting-edge advance in the portable device space, Always Innovating is open to license the design of the Touch Book and Smart Book to top-tier players. As an early-stage and dynamic company, Always Innovating is free to move very fast and design innovative products that can catch consumers attention.

If you are working in the electronics space, and you recognize the value of innovation to enhance your products portfolio, we have multiple innovative devices and concepts (some of them still waiting in our lab!) that can extend your offering. Moreover, we have multiple pending patents and IP protection mechanism to defend your investment if you decide to work with us. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Open HardwareWorking together

Apart from being never-seen-before personal devices, the Touch Book and Smart Book are designed to be able to be reworked and suit your specific business needs. What if you could take the product as is, remove some features, add others, adapt the case, modify the software, and finally sell it as part of your offer? In a nutshell:

If you need an affordable custom tablet for your project,
you can use the reference design of the Touch Book or Smart Book and get support from us.

We work with branded products and services companies that are looking to deliver great touch devices as part of their offerings. Working with these companies, Always Innovating uses its expertise to develop new devices matching custom product requirements. We take care of every stage: elaborate the design, develop the prototypes, and manufacture the final product.

Customize your tablet for your business

Here are a few examples of vertical market for which a custom-made open-source-based tablet makes sense:

Open Hardware
Allow medical staff to stay connected to their private professionnal network, and access at any time and from every room the important datas they need.
Open Hardware
In a taxi or a private car, watch videos, play games, surf the web with 3G access and follow your instant location thanks to GPS support.
Open Hardware
Home automation
Access your home automation system with a touch interface: set up the temperature, control the lights, and check who is connected to your wireless network.

Open HardwareOpen source, Open hardware

Our team believes in the open source model and strongly supports it. The Touch Book and the Smart Book come with Linux-based OSes that have been optimized for our hardware platform. Guided by openness and wide support, we provide native multi-boot on the device, or even better, you can switch real-time from one OS to the other. With a simple finger press, our devices will run either our AI OS, Ubuntu, Android, and Chrome. Mer, Gentoo have also been adapted to the Touch Book. Maemo is also following!

Following this philosophy, feel free to access our existing code, and ask us for any help on building your own software.

They trusted us

``Thanks to the Always Innovating Tablet, I got an affordable device for my project. The AI team was very responsive and helpful, especially for the unexpected technical modifications we eventually wanted to do.'' - John, New Jersey, USA

``It was not so easy to find them, but once we tested their device, we instantly adopted it. The Touch Book has been our base for the development of our next-gen low-cost tech gadget, and thanks to AI people, it's becoming a great success!'' - Rajesh, New Delhi, India

Open Hardware
You can contact us for more information

Want more?

Either you are interested to getting the whole design of the Touch Book or Smart Book (including gerbers and mechanical design) or developing your own customized design, we are providing first-class support as well as early access to our software and hardware developments. Please read this page to get support from us.